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Motorola, China Mobile ink $394M in deals

Chris Ziegler

When profits are in the dump, there's nothing to boost your bottom line quite like a massive deal inside one of the world's most fertile GSM growth markets. Motorola has scored a handful of deals with China Mobile worth a grand total of $394 million, surely music to the ears of beleaguered Moto execs who've been dealing with flagging sales from their handset division all year long. While it's not quite as juicy as the $1 billion deal Ericsson signed with the very same carrier a couple months back, the deal basically covers the same type of stuff -- back end equipment to help shore up China Mobile's insane expansion to help blanket China's one billion-plus population in airwaves. There's a catch here -- it turns out some 60 percent of the deal was already "recognized" as revenue in the first half -- but hey, 40 percent of $394 mil is still a pretty penny.

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