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Universal Studio's prez smiles at the format war

Matt Burns

We kind of doubt that many suits high up in the movie industry agrees with Universal Studio's president, Craig Kornblau, but we understand where he is coming from. While we might not go as far as Kornblau by stating the format war is "the very best thing that ever happened for consumers, retailers, and, frankly, studios" but come to think about it, we're grateful. Can you only imagine the player's prices if there wasn't any competition? There is no doubt that Sony would still be selling their first or second generation unit for close to a grand and you can bet the farm that Toshiba would not have intro'd their original player at $500. Prices have dropped for us consumers, retailers are pushing more boxes, and the studios, well, they'll make money by eventually selling you the same movie twice. Yeah, this format war has been a pain at times, but it has drove down the cost allowing more consumers to enjoy their movies in glorious high definition.

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