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Bungie podcast talks AI, no clan support


Tardy again, we've just finished listening to the latest Bungie Podcast (try to forgive us, we were busy editing our own podcast you know). For those of you who've yet to listen to it, we suggest you get right on it. In this episode, Frankie and Luke discuss Halo 3 AI with Mission Designer, Dan Miller. We don't want to spoil the fun of hearing it for yourself, but suffice it to say that enemy encounters in Halo 3 are set to be pants-wettingly epic. Listening to Frankie describe an exchange with a group of brutes that involved a bubble shield, a power drainer, a flashbang, another bubble shield, and a radar jammer definitely gets us excited for some (co-op) campaign hijinks.

Also mentioned in the podcast. Halo 3 will not ship with clan support. As Frankie puts it, the clan support in Halo 2 really amounted to no more than a second friends list. The Bungie boys don't rule out the possibility that Halo 3 may support clans in the future, but don't expect to see it in the retail box next month. Oh, and don't forget that Microsoft isn't planning on implementing cross-game clan support anytime soon either.

Hit the "read" link to download the podcast.

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