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To gank, or not to gank, that is the question.

Chris Jahosky

This obviously concerns players on PvP realms, where ganking is a daily occurrence, but I'm curious as to the habits of those who enjoy it. I'm using the term "gank" here loosely - although it tends to be used as a catch-all by anyone who's been on the losing end of a world PvP skirmish, I tend to use it to describe a situation where the player being killed is at an unfair advantage (e.g. fighting other mobs, low on health, or attacked by multiple players).

Those that do gank others regularly also sometimes stick around to grief their opponent, usually by killing them over and over after they resurrect. I've seen players stick around for hours to kill lower level opponents repeatedly - I remember when you couldn't run through Blackrock Mountain safely for fear of Rogue attacks.

As someone who doesn't have much interest in ganking, and no interest in griefing, I've never understood the mentality of someone who can stay in the same spot for hours killing players that have little or no chance of fighting back.

So what are your thoughts on ganking? Do you engage in it often? How much time do you spend on it if you do? At least one curious mind wants to know.

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