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EA shows clearest 'bullshot' in a long time


"Bullshot" is a term used for a screenshot that's been altered through the Devil's workshop Photoshop to be more than it is. A large majority of screenshots are altered before they go out for public consumption. Things will be a little crisper, glossier and/or just plain altered to make the game look better than it is. Although the latest batch of NBA Live '08 screens on Gamespot all look altered, the one above is a standout of the bunch. It's the one you can clearly point to and say, "Beyond the things I think are altered, that's definitely been Photoshopped." Can you see it? Click the image to enlarge if you need it -- answer is after the break.

The answer lies in the man to the left -- the far left. Yes, that is Stone Temple Pilots you hear in your head singing, "I'm half the man I used to be." Beyond the issue of the half-missing player in this "bullshot," we could go on about things we think are altered, but there's no proof. One thing that looks consistently wrong (not only in the image above, but in many of the shots, with another example below) is the ball. Once again, we can't be sure about all the things that were altered in these images, but we can be sure that a man half air-brushed out proves that these images had a little work done on them. Our little PSA: Never take a "screenshot" at face value, for it may merely be "bullshot."

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