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Firefly Mobile's flyPhone with dynamic keypad hits FCC

Chris Ziegler

What's this, you say? Kiddies like traditional numeric keypads, too? For Firefly, that's been a problem -- its original model lacked all but the bare essentials necessary to get calls through to parents or authorities. Its new "flyPhone" candybar makes good on that indiscretion but goes one giant step further, offering a dynamic touch sensitive area that can change appearance based on the phone's current mode. Listening to music or watching a movie (yes, watching a movie on that little screen -- the manual says so!), for example, you get the appropriate controls; playing a game, you get directional buttons, and when making a call, you obviously get digits. The flyPhone also offers a camera, so all in all, it looks like this is a giant step up for phone-toting tykes everywhere. Actually, we kinda want one. Does that makes us weird?

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