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Ghost Recon creative director moves to Bungie


Christian Allen, former creative director at Red Storm, which creates the Ghost Recon games, has taken a new job at Bungie as "design lead." Allen doesn't say what game he'll be working on, but having been a Marine and working on one of the top military-themed franchises in existence, we're going to guess it involves guns -- which he seems well-versed in.

So, super speculation time. Now that Bungie has Halo 3 almost in the bag and they've brought this guy on board, what could they be working on? A Halo-themed squad game? A Halo-themed squad game? Or, a Halo-themed squad game? What, you don't think it'll be a squad game? Ohhh, you don't think it'll be Halo-themed. OK, in other news, Nintendo isn't making Mario games anymore either.

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