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Guitar Hero III DS may include a peripheral


At this point, even if there hadn't been official confirmation, it would be no surprise that Guitar Hero III is on the way to the DS. Never mind that the DS is ill-suited for the Guitar Hero experience-- it's a game console.

At least there's evidence that the RedOctane/Neversoft/Activision Power Team is considering ways to make the DS less ill-suited for the game, including the method they used to make the original Guitar Hero something other than just a simplified Frequency: peripherals. "It's an integral part of the Guitar Hero experience, so as much as possible, we would like to keep it within the experience as long as it makes sense and it plays well," RedOctane's Charles Huang told CNET.

Bring on the peripherals, RedOctane. The more ridiculous the better. We're already pretending we're playing guitar on the DS-- we don't need to look dignified doing it.

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