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Metareview: Madden 08


With Madden 08 being on store shelves for two days now, we're sure the game has sold half a billion copies. Unlike the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, which are almost exact copies of each other, the Wii version stands out as a unique title. Also, we can play online without friend codes. Oh, how sweet it is.

What did the critics have to say about the game?
  • IGN (85/100) says it's a big improvement over last year, but still has its faults: "The game makes great use of motion with better-implemented and easier to pull off moves than 07, it has more modes, far more multiplayer both locally and now online, and is generally superior in nearly every regard. On the flipside, Wii's second Madden still suffers from a ton of last-generation bugs, with everything from moronic AI and cheap pass defense to disappearing pass icons and odd camera glitches that cloak the entire playfield in blur effects."
  • Cheat Code Central (84/100) lauds the game's new additions: "A great game. The new additions to the title are innovative and impact the gameplay positively. Online play will prove to be a boon for Wii owners, the Party mode helps make the title stand out on this console, and the high quality graphics make it competitive with the other versions."
  • GameSpot (80/100) finds the game to be appealing to fans of football and those curious as to what it's all about: "As it is, it's a great follow-up with a few quirks that are mostly forgivable. For fans of last year's game, or those curious for the first time about football on the Wii, Madden 08 is worth checking out."
  • GameDaily (80/100) thinks not only the football is fun, but all of the other extras, as well: "Don't purchase Madden NFL 08 expecting beautiful visuals and slick looking menus. Buy it because you crave a more interactive experience as well as modes that you can't find in the other versions. With 22 mini games, trivia and fun controls, this gridiron giant runs the pigskin into the end zone."
So, have any of you picked this up? What do you think so far?

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