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Numark's iDJ2 mixes two tracks from one iPod


When you're tearing it up at the local club, sending droves of sweating dancers into a primal frenzy with your cannon-like beats and thunderous sub-bass, the last thing you want to do is be squinting at two tiny iPod screens for track info. Luckily, the folks over at Numark have heard your cries for help and have answered with the iDJ2 -- a follow-up to the company's iDJ that improves upon the earlier model by utilizing a single iPod to mix two streams of music, and can display track information on a full-color screen in the center of the device. The new system also accepts input from other media via USB, and allows you to organize and cue songs through its on-screen Crate feature. The mixer allows mixing and scratching of MP3, WAV, and unprotected AAC files, can control pitch to plus 25 and minus 100 percent, automatically sets tempo, can visually track through songs, and accepts external keyboard input. Available this September with a list price of $799, and street price of $599.

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