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Apple files patent for collapsible ports


Apple Insider is reporting that Apple has filed a patent for collapsible ports, supposedly for use inside a coming ultraportable computer. I didn't quite get the idea at first (because supposedly the ports collapse in order to give the innards more room to spread out), but apparently the ports actually sit on the hinge at the back of the unit-- by opening the thing up, you also open up the ports, and can then plug the cords in. So while the system is in storage position, you don't actually need to have a whole port on there-- it can fold up and make for less space.

Ingenious. But does it mean an ultraportable is right around the corner? Seems unlikely to me-- with the iPhone at $600, and the MacBook at $1100, Apple would have to squeeze a 13" display portable in at around $800-900. What's the point? I love my 12" Powerbook, but if I was spending that much on an portable, I'd go with a MacBook anyway.

[ via Mac Rumors, thanks Brian! ]

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