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Oh, World of Warcraft, I could never quit you


Over at Casual WoW, Delaney has compiled a detailed list of the various options players are given when attempting to cancel their subscription. Yes, before you can cancel your account, you're required to select a reason from this Blizzard-provided list. (Just above the pulldown menu offering you a list of reasons you see the graphic and text above, including the sad news that, by quitting, you're making this poor peon cry.) Some of the more interesting options include:
  • Content / Unexpected Genre
  • Harassment / Conflict with player/guild
  • Other Game / Ultima Online
  • Technical / No Computer
  • Other / Offline play not available
But take a look at the entire list: it's clear that someone at Blizzard has put a good deal of thought into all the reasons players might be leaving. And I agree with Delaney's opinion -- to heck with the stats Blizzard provides us on most often killed monster, etc, I'd love to see a percentage breakdown on these exit stats.

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