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Doodle Hex piques interest despite name


Doodle Hex -- sure, it might be a descriptive title, but we're pretty sure it came from the Zack & Wiki school of What Not To Call Games. Just imagine if Pokémon were called Menu Attack or Creature Fight. Yeah, it would be mildly amusing, but we'd have a distinct lack of pokemans jokes, and the world would be a darker, sadder place.

So what is Doodle Hex? It's a newly-announced game from Spanish developer Tragnarion Studios, and it's all about magical dueling. Players take on the role of a vamped-up young character and draw hexes at their opponents via the touch screen. Two of the characters are described as "an Emo Rockstar Elf" and a "Goth Witch" (seen above). They each seem to have a pet which suits their personalities. Fey (the aforementioned witch) has a rabbit that seems to float around her, which creepily evokes memories of Nailbunny after he took to drifting around. Spooky associations aside, the game, which features puzzle and fighting elements, as well as Wi-Fi functionality, sounds like it could have some potential. Tragnarion Studios promises additional information at the upcoming Leipzig Game Convention, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more. In the meantime, check out the website for more, or hit the jump for an additional image.

[Hmm. "Lake of pokemans," while funny, is totally different from a lack.]

[Via press release]

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