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Dreamcast still strong, two new indie games at Leipzig


Coming up on its eight birthday, the Sega Dreamcast continues to prove that it's worthy of attention, with two new independent titles announced for the aging system. Publisher RedSpotGames will be debuting these titles at this year's Leipzig Games Convention, starting this Wednesday.

The first game, Dalforce, is a vertical-scrolling "bullet hell" shooter title which allows for up to four players. The second, Wind and Water Puzzle Battles, is an action puzzle game being ported from the GP2X. According to Arcade Renaissance, both games are scheduled for first-quarter 2008 releases, although RedSpotGames' website is currently down for maintenance, and we can not confirm this. Both titles will, however, be shown off at Leipzig this week, so stay frosty as we bring you more details once the conference gets under way.

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