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Europe gets Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

Dustin Burg

Early this morning, Microsoft announced that all of Europe will be jumping in on the Xbox 360 price cut fun this Friday. Europe, being one of the last territories to receive an Xbox 360 price cut, will see price cuts for both 360 versions dropping the Core from 299 EUR / 199 GBP to 279 EUR / 179 GBP and the Premium falling from 399 EUR / 279 GBP to 349 EUR / 249 GBP. Also announced was that the Xbox 360 Elite will be launching this Friday in Europe and retail for 449 EUR / 299 GBP with the 120GB HDD available separately for 179 EUR / 129 GBP.

It looks like the Xbox 360 price cut fun has come to an end and is complete friends with North America covered, Australia getting theirs and now Europe taking the plunge. Get ready to empty those wallets ... empty 'em hard!

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