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Motorola Q9m official pricing and release date


Motorola's Q9m will ship August 22nd for between $300 and $500 depending on the contract, according to The Boy Genius Report. Thanks to some leaked slides, we now know that the CDMA, Verizon exclusive Windows Mobile 6 running smartphone will go for $349.99 with a two year contract, $399.99 on a 1 year, and $469.99 sans contract. On top of that there will be a $50 mail in rebate offer and a few extra bonuses in the box including a 128 MB miniSD card, a phone sleeve, and a data cable. For some reason for money reasons, Verizon is emphasizing the music playing "V-Cast" abilities of the phone, which seems a little odd on a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. Ah well, we'll hold off judgement until it's released in a few days.

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