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Timothy Olyphant talks about playing Agent 47

Justin McElroy

Actor Timothy Olyphant's take on Agent 47 and the Hitman movie in general is about what you'd expect: Yes, he wants to be respectful of the source material. No, he had no idea that the source material existed before he read the script. (He was a bit busy being in one of the raddest TV shows ever, thank you very much.) He does say, however, that director Xavier Gans was a big fan of Hitman, which is sort of encouraging.

In his interview, Olyphant does seem to get that Agent 47 kills people really well, which (pseudo-religious iconography aside) is pretty much the thrust of the character. He also says he sees the titular hitman as a loner who's just starting to question the meaning of his existence. Woah there, slow it down Tim. You don't want to go all Sam Fisher on us.

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