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Fable 2 aims to compete with movies, TV


Peter Molyneux says it all the time. When you play Fable 2, he wants you to really feel something. As Eurogamer reports, Lionhead's staging director Georg Backer, who spoke in Molyneux's stead at GCDC in Europe, wants Fable 2 to be on par with movies and television as an entertainment choice. In order to achieve this end, Lionhead has been employing several techniques used in the movies and television to craft Fable 2. For instance, the company hired a sword master who worked on movies like Gladiator and Troy to help them design the combat. Lionhead has also worked with a film editor to better understand the best way to present the action to the player. Backer noted that realism isn't necessarily what's important. What's important, Backer said, is "that the drama is conveyed on-screen." Achieving such goals in the movies, says Backer, often involves distorting realism in favor of what conveys the proper meaning. "For us," said Backer, "this is a really new thing and we really desperately want to make sure that this drama and emotion gets pushed in games."

A noble goal indeed. Might we suggest the gang at Lionhead take some time to research BioShock while they're at it?

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