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Azentek stocking DiMora's $2 million ride with in-car electronics

Darren Murph

If you thought the MyGIG or even Bose's Media System was high-class, Azentek is out to change your perception. Recently, the firm inked a deal with DiMora Motorcar "to provide high-performance computers for the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan." The ride, if you weren't aware, will be a hand-crafted $2 million, 16-cylinder production automobile, and will sport "at least two Atlas units" which boast voice recognition, FM / XM Radio / Sirius / HD Radio, Bluetooth, CD / MP3 / WMA / DVD support, GPS navigation, VoIP / cellphone integration, "over a terabyte" of storage, and Windows Vista for good measure. Additionally, users will be able to interface with the machines via touchscreen, keyboard / mouse, a handset, USB, auxiliary inputs, etc. Sure makes Blue&Me look like child's play, no?

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