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Bail out: John Davison leaving Ziff Davis Media to start a new website [Update - 1UP confirms]

Senior vice president of the Game Group and mastermind of the 1UP Network, John Davison, will soon be leaving Ziff Davis Media. A move that, while shocking, isn't entirely unexpected considering the media giant's struggles as of late. Davison doesn't plan on leaving the industry behind, however, as our sources indicate he is starting a new family entertainment site geared towards parents.

The sinking ship that makes up Ziff Davis will actually be two lighter, as Ira Becker will be joining Davison in his new venture. The name may not ring a bell to most (Becker was not a part of the editorial process), but Becker is the executive vice president of the Game Group and with Davison, they represented the two key elements of power. Below them are the editors-in-chief of the respective Ziff brands – EGM, GFW Magazine, and – though none seem particularly groomed for the task.

This is yet another huge loss for the Game Group, having lost their prized news editor Luke Smith to Bungie Studios back in April. We sincerely wish John Davison and his crew the best of luck with their new project.

[Update - 1UP has confirmed this story, also noting that the original cast of 1UP Yours will be reunited for a podcast special at Penny-Arcade Expo this weekend. Attend it!]

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