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Halo-themed Xbox 360 (over)priced for UK

Ross Miller

When Microsoft deploys the Halo-themed Xbox 360 in the United Kingdom September 26, it will cost true Spartan loyalists £279.99 (via CVG). Factoring in the price drop, that gives us the following tier:
  • Arcade: £179.99
  • Pro: £249.99
  • Halo: £279.99
  • Elite: £299.99
Should you not care about the paint job, the £20 difference between Halo and Elite will prove aggravating, since the latter has 100 GB disk space more than the former (a 120 GB HDD by itself costs £129.99 and the Halo edition does not include a copy of Halo 3). How much do you love an olive drab console with an orange disk tray?

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