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The BDA's damage control

Ben Drawbaugh

No matter what the BDA tells you, there is no se the Paramount/Dreamworks news is a big deal. We're not only talking about 10% of all the Blu-ray titles, we're also talking about some of the biggest titles -- like MI3 and Transformers. Of course we expect the BDA to have a bunch of articles all over the Internet explaining that this is a non-announcement, or that they were paid off -- as if it matters why -- which we find interesting to read, but it doesn't change the fact that this might be the watershed moment that could give HD DVD the advantage. Of course this thing is a long way from over and anything could happen, but the prediction that the format war will be over this holiday season seems really silly now. Especially when combined with the news that both Samsung and Onkyo will be in the HD DVD hardware game sooner rather than later.

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