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Mitsubishi working on 3D Blu-ray players, displays

Nilay Patel

We've seen a couple attempts at large-scale 3D displays that split DLP's 120Hz display rate into two 60Hz HD fields, but Mitsubishi is apparently showing off a slightly more advanced version of the technology at The Barclay's PGA Tour event, featuring 3D content on Blu-ray discs. According to CNET, the company showed off a Blu-ray system using a "massive" Dell desktop and a large DLP display that enabled viewers to watch commercials, movies, and sporting events in 3D using special stereoscopic glasses. The content had been shot in 3D from the get-go, but Mitsubishi says it's working on a Blu-ray player that will be able to turn standard 2D content into simulated 3D -- and that it'll be out early next year. The company also coyly hinted that it's talking to a "console manufacturer" about integrating the tech into a game system. We'll give you one guess as to who that might be.

[Image courtest of TWICE]

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