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Busted Big Daddy page up and running

Justin McElroy

Could we have just a moment to talk to you about a problem sweeping our nation? It's an issue plaguing BioShock Limited Edition figurines, making Big Daddies feel positively small. The problem isn't in their heads: They are the sufferers of a rare medical complication called DD ... or Drill Dysfunction.

The main symptom, a broken drill bit, is easy to spot even to the casual observer, part of what makes disease so insidious. But now, there's help. Please, talk to your Big Daddy's doctor about DD to see if this treatment is right for him. Then contact 2K and let their patented rehabilitation techniques therapeutically repair DD, without the use of harsh pharmaceuticals. You'll even be sent a free limited edition art book to peruse while you wait. Please, fill out this support form today, and have your daddy feeling big again.

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