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The outstretched-hand-boxart club

Eric Caoili

Though publishers aren't as big on featuring these silly poses anymore as they were during the DS's first two years, the perceptive gamers at The Platformers pointed out that we'll be receiving two new members to the outstretched-hand-boxart club next month: DK Jungle Climber and Fullmetal Alchemist: Trading Card Game.

Some say that the covers are meant to emphasize the touchscreen nature of the titles, but we're convinced that there's more to it. Perhaps the characters are reaching for something unseen -- a dropped banana, a tool vital to their current task, or the wrist of a fleeing love who's spurred their unwanted advances. Keep that last possibility in your mind as you look over a few more examples of outstretched-hand boxarts after the post break.

The last one is just a mock-up, but it still totally works! We can imagine the red protagonist calling out to his crustacean crush, "Don't you care about how I feel? I've never met anyone so shellfish!"

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