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AT&T adding Motorola V3xx color, Nokia E62 still hanging around?

Chris Ziegler

AT&T may be about to add the RAZR 2 V9 to its stable, effectively halving any remaining desire we had for the original RAZR V3 line of devices -- but that's apparently not stopping the carrier from trying to milk a few final drops from the played out design. According to the most recent dealer price sheet floating around, the HSDPA-capable V3xx will be offered in another color, the ambiguously named "platinum red." We can't recall the last time we saw platinum take on a reddish hue, but whatevs. Also interesting to note here is that the Nokia E62 -- a phone we'd previously heard had been killed off -- is seemingly alive and well; not only is it mentioned in the sheet, it has no sign of an "EOL" tag on it. Long live Symbian, we guess!

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