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A progress report on PlayStation Home beta

Ross Miller

Information regarding the closed beta for PlayStation Home has been hard to come by, but thankfully IGN has managed to get a status update from an anonymous tester.

First off, let's talk about what's missing from the beta. "None of the new features or areas outlined at E3 have made it into the beta. None," said the tester. That includes transition from Home into other games (e.g. Resistance), no trophy room and no new lobby. "Sony also had a monthly roadmap of improvements/features/places they were going to implement but have not followed it," said the tester. "Home has had one update since launch."

On the positive side of things, voice chat is said to work very well, as do the game's physics and the variety of facial customization. "The features that are in home do work well. All the games are fun to play and promote communication," said the tester.

We don't know how indicative the report is, if at all, on Home's ability to launch this year, or if there is even another, even more exclusive beta with the new features included. What we saw at E3 looked good, but unfortunately we were unable to see it with multiple people in the same space.

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