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Manhunt 2: conspiracy theories from AO to M


With the re-rating of Manhunt 2 from AO to M, some people are livid, some excited, others just want to make a tub of popcorn and watch the sparks fly -- then there are the conspiracy theorists. GamePolitics has a rundown of their theories following people's concerns that the Halloween release date of Manhunt 2 is just a little too perfect; many believe the game probably would have fallen underneath the radar this holiday season without its saga of controversy. One GP commenter said, "The whole timeframe stinks to high heaven ... Its gonna sell several times the number of copies than it probably deserves."

Find the conspiracy theories after the break

The conspiracy theories laid out by GP are:

  • #1: The entire situation is a conspiracy against the public. The game hasn't changed one bit, Take-Two and Rockstar created some symbiotic deal to generate buzz for the game and the ESRB gets to "placate the industry's critics" by showing the system works.
  • #2: Rockstar cut-away during the most horrific parts. Either "fading to black" or some other editing trick -- think BioShock, disturbing but not gratuitous.
  • #3: There was one issue the whole time which caused the AO rating and now it's gone.
  • #4: And, of course, Rockstar intentionally went over-the-top in the sex and violence department, with a second cut always available once the controversy died down.
This whole issue is just sort of simmering right now. The marketing of Manhunt 2 revolves around getting politicians and advocacy groups upset -- why spend money when they'll advertise for you? There are some people already eager to jump in the pool there -- that's a whole other story -- we're more interested in what y'all think about the conspiracies.

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