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College Football Kickoff 2007 in HD

Ben Drawbaugh

Ohh my, we can hardly wait! Football season kicks off tomorrow -- no, the real games are on now, no more practice. It's going to be more difficult than ever before for us to get off the couch and go outside because the number of games getting the HD treatment is so much more than ever before. It was only a year ago that we were excited because the opening weekend to NCAA Div-1A football brought us 13 HD games, but this year there are almost double that, with a total of 22 HD games from the kickoff Thursday, to the Bowden Bowl on Monday night. Unfortunately, for die hard fans there are more games than you can possibly watch -- but that's a good thing right? -- assuming you can even access all the games, 'cause some are regional, while others are on channels that your provider might not offer. Regardless, sit back and enjoy, as we look forward to the big boys kicking off the NFL in another week, and if you need to know if your big game is on in HD, head over to for the full lineup.

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