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Win Halo Effect from The Xbox Domain


Statistically, if you're hanging around a website called Xbox 360 Fanboy, you probably like Halo. As such, it's quite possible that you also like things about Halo. Now, if you find yourself a member of this second camp, there's also a pretty decent chance you would enjoy a book about Halo, but a free book about Halo? Forgettaboutit. Our friends over at The Xbox Domain are giving away 5 copies of Halo Effect which takes a long hard look at everything in the Halo universe, ranging from what makes it so damned popular to what it would take to construct a real ring world. Entering to win is phenomenally easy. In fact, it's so easy we're not even going to tell you how. If you want to find out, head over to The Xbox Domain and check it out.

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