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Europe and Aussie-land get Surf's Up demo

Dustin Burg

This morning a not so new Surf's Up demo was released onto the XBLM for our European, Australian and New Zealand friends allowing them to experience what hardcore penguin surfing is all about. The demo is roughly 668MBs of pure surfing madness and if you think you're experiencing a mild case of deja-vu, you're not. You see, this demo was released way back in June to North American Xbox Live members and took around two months for Ubisoft to make it fit for our European and Australian fanboys. You know, because the demo had to be ... uhh, localized ... yeah, that's it! It took two additional months to release a demo for a kids game to the rest of the world because it had to be localized. (Ubisoft's marketing team so owes us.)

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