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GameTap Thursday: A Thief in the deadly shadows


GameTap shines a light in the shadows and finds the thief Garrett hiding there with the list of new games for the service this week. The highlight, of course, is Garrett's final adventure in Thief: Deadly Shadows. Considering Garrett is currently unemployed since Ion Storm has ceased to be and Eidos hasn't mentioned any new games, maybe we can hire him to find documentation on what GameTap's endgame is with all their recent writer hires? Anyway, new games for the week are:

Thief: Deadly Shadows (PC) - Garrett finds himself pulled into a sandbox-style adventure revolving around the Last Glyph. This stealth game depends on your standard fare of getting through missions without killing anyone ... because you're a thief, not a Hitman.
Delta Force Xtreme (PC) - It's all the fun of Delta Force, but, you know, to the extreme ... sorry, X-treme!
Delta Force Task Force Dagger (PC) - Less "xtreme," but a perfectly fine tactical shooter. Infiltrate enemy compounds as a member of one of many elite agency or military groups.
Hospital Tycoon (PC) - Run a hospital responsibly and just try not to get sued. Like any other tycoon game, be as fiscally responsible as possible and just grow your hospital.
Praetorians (PC) - It's like Rome: Total War ... but not.
Championship Wrestling (C64) - Two pixelated blobs in spandex enter a ring -- one pixelated blob leaves.

After the break we have GameTap's updated list of free games. For those looking to get their old-school groove on they've added Elevator Action to the list, along with six other games.

1. X2: The Threat
2. Zoo Empire
3. Ghosts n Goblins
4. Neo Turf Masters
5. League Bowling
6. Warlords Battlecry 3
7. War and Warriors: Joan of Arc
8. Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers
9. Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
10. Root Beer Tapper
11. Three Wonders
12. Elevator Action
13. Rampage
14. Soccer Brawl
15. Qix II: Tournament
16. 1941
17. Metal Slug 2
18. Exed Exes
19. Legendary Wings
20. Black Tiger
21. Pirate Ship Higemaru
22. Shock Troopers 2
23. Battle Circuit
24. The Last Blade
25. Super Gem Fighters
26. World Heroes Perfect
27. Kizuna Encounter
28. Vampire Savior
29. Baseball Stars 2
30. Capcom Sports Club
31. Space Invaders
32. Joust
33. Bubbles
34. Bust a Move Again
35. Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid

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