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Metroid Week: Judge a Metroid by its cover

Eric Caoili

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You know how much we love to discuss boxart here at Wii Fanboy, so it seemed obvious to us that we should take a look back at past Metroid covers during our commemorative week. We've gathered up all the packaging art we could find from Samus's tenderfoot days on the NES to her later outings on the Game Boy Advance, and have posted them all past the post break for you to scroll through. Feel free to queue up Kenny Rogers's "Through The Years" for maximum enjoyment.

Metroid (US)

Metroid reissue (North America)

Metroid (Japan)

Metroid (Europe)

Metroid (Canada)

Metroid II: Return of Samus (US)

Metroid II: Return of Samus (Germany)

Metroid II: Return of Samus (Japan)

Super Game Boy (US)

Super Metroid (US)

Super Metroid (Japan)

Super Metroid (Europe; sorry for the blurriness!)

Super Metroid (Germany)

Super Metroid oversized (Germany)

Metroid Fusion (US)

Metroid Fusion preliminary packaging (US)

Metroid Fusion (Europe)

Metroid Fusion (Japan)

Metroid Zero Mission (US)

Metroid Zero Mission (Europe)

Metroid Zero Mission (Japan)

Metroid Zero Mission pirated packaging (Japan)

The adventure continues tomorrow with Samus's Metroid Prime boxarts!

[All images courtesy of Moby Games, Metroid 2002, and Metroid Database]

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