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Some upcoming AT&T launches?

Chris Ziegler

We've received some information detailing phones that AT&T apparently plans to launch in the not-too-distant future; we don't even have dates or prices just yet, but a few of these are juicy enough so that we thought we'd pass it along anyhow. Samsung looks to be launching the A117 "Jayhawk" and A127 "Mbenz" (both on prepaid), the A517 "Lion," and the A737 "Peridot" in metal, orange, and lime. Nokia contributes the attractive 6555 "Inferno" and a refreshed N75 with stereo Bluetooth and a new UI. From LG we get the CU515 "Chiwoo" and CU720 "Saturn," while Pantech brings us that crazy dual slide Windows Mobile 6 device as the C810b. Good times!

[Thanks, Tasty Thirds]

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