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Jaguar and Apple collaborate on car design


Maybe there's something to those Apple / Volkswagen rumors we've been hearing after all. According to an interview with one of Jaguar's designers in CAR Magazine, the high-end car-maker has been collaborating with Apple on designs for its control interfaces in at least one upcoming vehicle, called the XF. Says designer Ian Callum, "We have been working with Apple on control interfaces," which really doesn't leave much to the imagination... unless Ian Callum is a pathological liar -- which we very much doubt. Apparently, the boys in Cupertino helped design a feature called the JaguarDrive Selector, which replaces the gearstick with a circular, metallic wheel which rises when you turn the car on. The device is twisted to switch between P, R, N and D, and apparently its action is "pleasant and seamless" -- though we understand that the battery dies after a year of use, and has to be sent back to Jaguar for replacement.

[Via Autoblog]

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