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Hands-on with Venzero's entire vapor-less lineup


We like to give Venzero a hard time about appearing completely sketch and vaporware-ish in most of its product announcements and subsequent delayed releases, but it turns out the company very much exists and very much is building and releasing the DAPs of which we speak. So very many DAPs. In fact, Venzero just released that WiFi-capable LINQ player we were talking about a week or so back, which is the company's main offering that really has much to unique or ergonomic to offer -- the SLICKR and the mini are a bit of a pain to use in the button department. Unfortunately, the LINQ doesn't support player-to-player sharing just yet, but the internet radio features and home media streaming are pretty extensive, and further functionality is planned for down the road -- along with some other nifty releases we can't mention just yet. Oh, and before you jump into that gallery, Venzero would like us to remind you that the player interfaces are soon going to be getting a significant upgrade in the sub-menu department, so hopefully the players won't look like shady also-rans for too much longer.

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