Venzero improves upon its mini with the SLICKR

Because no one except for the biggest spendthrift wants a 2GB flash video player with a sub-two-inch screen, Venzero has revealed a pocketable new PMP called the SLICKR that basically takes its recently-announced mini and tacks on a miniSD slot along with a full inch to the now-2.8-inch screen. Other than that, this clix-like device with the MOTO naming convention offers the usual menagerie of extras -- FM tuner, voice recorder, pre-installed games -- with one important exception being the included MusicMarker functionality, which lets you handily record audio snippets from the radio for identification upon the next sync. File compatibility is slim but acceptable -- like the mini, MP3, WMA, WAV, and AVI are the only supported codecs -- and also like the mini, we've got no inkling on a price or release date here, so you'll have to stay tuned for further details.

[Via DAPreview]