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Two-timing air purifier doubles as spy camera

Darren Murph

It's not like we haven't seen air purifying functionality crammed into nearly everything under the sun before, but the latest iteration doubles up in an entirely more discrete fashion. The Air Purifier Spy Camera does precisely what you'd think, as it innocently cleans air while waiting for movement to be detected in front of it. Once that happens, it records video (no audio, unfortunately) of the scene until 15 seconds after the motion ceases. To store the incriminating evidence, it writes the video to the built-in 16MB MMC, but if you expect a whole lot of naughty to be going on, you can certainly implant a larger card. Notably, this sucka most definitely does not come cheap, as the basic version rings up at a staggering $725, and you'll be asked to throw down an additional $179.95 if you like your videos in color.

[Via TRFJ]

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