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Finally: Master P and Seth Green team for RPG

Justin McElroy

Were he not already dead, this is the sort of news that would make Nostradamus shoot himself in the face. Master P's company Miller P. productions is teaming up with Seth Green's company Stoopid Monkey Prods. to make a hip-hop role-playing game. Oh, and the guys who make Moral Orel, ShadowMachine Films, are involved too. Did you see that one coming? We bet you didn't.

The game is called Play the Industry and will allow players to "enter a 3-D world and then work their way through up to stardom either as an athlete, power broker, hip-hop artist or other character." There are no details as to what systems the game will be on, or even whether or not it will be disc-based or downloadable. One of the few things we do know: We want to play it. ... God help us, we want to play it.

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