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T-Mobile inexplicably brings back MDA

Chris Ziegler

So, we imagine it went something like this: some dude at T-Mobile USA's headquarters was crawling through the attic. Maybe he was looking for some classic Jamie Lee Curtis promo shots to throw up on eBay, maybe he was seeking out a replacement battery for his trusty Ericsson T68; the purpose of his adventure is pretty irrelevant. Anyway, he stumbles upon this giant flippin' stash of dusty MDAs. You know, HTC Wizards -- the things T-Mobile sold back in the day before the Wing reigned supreme. What's a company to do? They can't rightfully dump 'em in the local landfill, it just wouldn't be right. May as well sell the whole lot off for a song ($79.99 apiece, to be exact) on the corporate website! If you simply must get in on this circa-2005 action, we might recommend you do it soonly 'cause there's really no telling how long these relics are going to be available the second time around.

[Thanks, Cesar G.]

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