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Time magazine weighs in on Halo 3


In the latest issue of Time, you can spot the Master Chief right on the cover. Well, actually it's a multiplayer Spartan model and you'll find him (or her) in a small box in the upper-right corner. Still, it's Halo on the cover of Time and that has to count for something. Naturally, the magazine contains an article describing what makes Halo 3 tick. Don't go looking for the detailed analysis provided by the recent Halo 3 cover story in Wired, as Time's "The Man in the Mask" is written from an outsider's perspective. Written to appeal to the non-gaming set -- though the author is in fact an avid gamer -- the article attempts to explain the Halo phenomenon to "normal" people. Our favorite section in the article describes the level of detail lavished on the game. Specifically, the section refers to the shells that are ejected from fired weapons. According to an unnamed Bungie audio engineer, "We actually are insane ... because we track the impact of each shell casing on each surface. Literally. We ought to be locked up." Even though the article is focused through the lens of an older generation, Time seems impressed with Halo 3, even daring to give it the lofty label of "art." Who knows, if Bungie keeps up this pace, maybe the Chief will land on the cover proper.

[Via The Final Fight. Thanks, Sadistik Roth]

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