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Video: TimeShift commercial is super violent


Violence and games tend to be uttered in the same breath all the time, and gamers like us tend to shake it off. That being said, this commercial for TimeShift is a little disturbing. The commercial depicts a convenience store robbery that is eventually thwarted by the time suit wearing hero of TimeShift. Maybe it's just because it seems entirely out of context compared to what we've seen of the game, or because it's live action, but the commercial is strangely unsettling. Of course, the idea is to show off the possibilities of time powers, but using them to kill some two-bit thugs seems a little excessive. Still, that's beside the point we suppose, as we're sure the premise will intrigue many viewers, even if the commercial uses hardly any actual game footage at all (bonus points if you can spot it).

TimeShift, in all its 4th-dimension-bending, hyper-violent glory, hits the Xbox 360 next month.

[Via Joystiq]

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