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POP Takeout lays out social news in MobileSafari


Sometimes you want a list of what's hot on the social news sites at a quick glance-- an easy-to-access look at the Zeitgeist, if you will. And for those times, there's POP Takeout, a site Wade M put together and sent to us that offers up a quick list of social news headlines from Digg, Reddit,, Tailrank, and Newsvine, all listed in a site that's easy to browse and right on your iPhone (or iPod Touch-- I guess we should just start saying "in MobileSafari").

The only complaint I'd have is that each link goes to the social news site's page for the story, and not the actual link for the story itself. I'd use something like POP Takeout because I don't want to visit Digg or Tailrank, and hitting the link and making me click through causes me to do that anyway.

On the other hand, if I worked for Digg, I'd have a serious problem with someone listing my articles and not providing a link through to the site-- it's content theft, more or less. But if Wade could work out a way to keep Digg happy and send me to the news stories with just one click, it'd be a better solution all around.

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