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Spectral Tiger Mount lottery tickets available (Fires of Outland TCG released)


The Fires of Outland booster set for the TCG is now available which means we all have a shot at getting a pack that includes the Spectral Tiger Mount. This highly sought after loot card attracted almost 6000 entries for the WoW Insider contest where we gave one away. It also garnered $2000 on eBay.

So for the 5919 of you who didn't win one from us and for all of us who are not able or willing to pay thousands of dollars for one, all you have to do is buy Fires of Outland booster packs until you get your very own Spectral Tiger Mount.

Of course, some of you actually play the TCG for fun and Upper Deck Entertainment provides a handy tournament search tool for you to find a tournament near you.

Unfortunately, the Buy Now link on the Upper Deck Fires of Outland TCG page goes to a "not a valid item number" error page, but hopefully you'll be able to buy packs at the normal outlets soon. (Update: The Buy Now Link goes to a 24 pack.) Or you could increase your chances at getting a Spectral Tiger Mount by buying the packs 24 at a time from Amazon.

Will you be trying for a Spectral Tiger Mount? If so, do you want it to use or sell?

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