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Splinter Cell: Discounted Agent


We had kind of forgotten that Ubisoft was still releasing Splinter Cell games on the GameCube as of late last year. We hate to say it, but, unlike the PS2, which is in bajillions of homes and has yet to be supplanted by its successor, the GameCube is pretty much totally redundant. Add to that the lack of online play, which has become the feature of Splinter Cell games, and you've got a game that is kind of awkward to market and maybe even hard to sell.

Imagine our surprise to find that this game was still retailing for $40, or that Amazon's one-day price of $23.99 is considered a "deal."

If you're a huge Splinter Cell fan and you just have a Nintendo system ... you already have this. If, for some reason, you don't, you can buy it now, for less money than it usually costs. Oh, unless you want the Wii version of the same game for $20. But who would want that?

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