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Phat Loot Phriday: Remote Mail Terminal

Mike Schramm

We've done some rare items here on Phat Loot Phriday, but we've never done anything this rare. This high level engineering item is so rare it's not even in the game. (I promise next week we'll do something everyone can get.)

Name: Remote Mail Terminal
Type: Engineering Item
Damage/Speed: N/A
  • When used, creates a Remote Mail Terminal that can send and receive ingame mail from anywhere.
  • Last for five minutes.
  • Pretty cool device, because I'm pretty sure the only mailboxes not in towns are in Gnomeregan, right? And just like the Repair Bot, this could be put to good use during raids-- instead of having to make your alt come all the way into the instance to trade with a group member, you could just put this baby down, and both check and receive mail right there in Karazhan.
How to Get It: There's just one problem: you can't.

Sure, all it requires is an Engineering level of 335, an Adamantite Frame, two handfuls of Fel Iron Bolts, a Khorium Power Core, and Fused wiring. But while the plans for this were a world drop in the Burning Crusade beta, they never made it to the live servers. GMs have said that apparently mail was getting lost sometimes in the send. And while sometimes is good enough for Goblin Jumper Cables, it's not good enough for player mail, so the Remote Mail Terminal is MIA for engineers until Blizzard decides to put it back in.

Getting Rid of It: The schematic sells for 1g 25s, or did, when people were selling it. But it was also selling for thousands on the AH during the beta. Blizzard has already promised Engineers are getting some love soon, so maybe the Mail Terminal will make a return with the next expansion, if not before.

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