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Amazon gets impatient, offers Pantech C810 for AT&T

Chris Ziegler

You know, if it weren't for retailers and the FCC, manufacturers' and carriers' employees would lead relatively stress- and hypertension-free lives -- but in this heavily embargoed, NDA'd, confidentiality agreemented world in which we live, bean spillage is an inevitable occurrence. We're not saying that's what's going on here, but we find it odd that Amazon would start offering Pantech's C810 dual slider Windows Mobile smartphone for AT&T with nary a peep from the carrier itself (not that we're complaining in the least). Even better, they're offering it for a cool $180 which seems really reasonable for a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device with UMTS in such a creative and useful form factor. Give us a holler in comments if anyone grabs it!

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]

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