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Sunglasses with hidden camera and attached PVR make you the ultimate pervert


Finally you'll be able to get your new website -- -- off the ground thanks to this new, totally mind-blowing device: a personal video recorder with sunglasses acting as the camera. That's right, you can take the streets and record minutes upon minutes of video to the onboard 32MB of RAM (okay, you can throw an SD or MMC card in there for a little bit more time on the clock), in NTSC or PAL at 510 x 482 or 500 x 582 (depending on the format). The glasses, mistakenly described by the seller's site as "very stylish," contain a small camera with a 1/4-inch interline CCD sensor, and apparently they will also capture "exceptionally clear audio," though there's no specific mention of the kind of mic used. The whole hideous package can be yours for £695.00 (or around $1,400).

[Via OhGizmo!]

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