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Eternity's Child too big for XBLA, gets Wii instead

Justin McElroy

We were excited for the XBLA release of Eternity's Child, an odd but gorgeous 2D platformer that featured an orphaned, wingless angel. Now it seems that developer Luc Bernard is picking up stakes and moving the whole production to the Wii for a retail release with Alten8, a UK publisher. Bernard explained the move saying that the high-res art in his game would have put him over the XBLA 150MB size limit.

Development will have to be fundamentally restarted on the Wii, but Bernard will be staying with a traditional control scheme, shying away from Wii's motion controls. Bernard told Art du Jeu that he's also working on a DS version, though it will be different from its console parent. We have to admire Bernard's willingness to start from scratch to keep the integrity of his game's art. ... Of course, we're sure the fact that the Wii's been selling like nickel tickets to a witchcraft-enabled Beatles reunion concert made the choice a little easier.

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