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Jail guard busted for incriminating City of Heroes forum posts

Ross Miller

Not all villains wear the proper attire. Take 30-year old David B. Thompson, for example, who posts on the City of Heroes message boards as Trafalgar (and has since changed his name to Deadwalk). In real life, Thompson is a corrections officer from Portland, Oregon with a penchant for using his taser, perhaps an unnecessarily excessive amount, and bragging about it online during work hours.

Thompson is currently being investigated after a fellow message board member tipped off the Portland Tribune for some disturbing messages, such as this one from August 25: "I don't know about that. I crushed a dude's eye socket from repeatedly punching him in it, then I charged him with menacing and harassment (of me) he took a plea to get away from me."

Also of concern is the amount of posting, which might average 13 posts per shift. In one 24-hour period in particular, Thompson posted 64 times across across 13 threads, according to the Tribune.

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